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Beijing vows to prevent Taiwan from joining the CPTPP free trade agreement.
[Image: 8b8b071b1c182897a776483848891946.jpg]

AP/MGROnline - Beijing confirmed today (Sept. 29) it willThug Lifedo whatever it takes to prevent Taiwan from being considered included in the CPTPP free trade deal after it announced last week. to say that the application has been submitted

AP reported today (September 29) that the Faculty of Taiwan Affairs Office. The cabinet said on Wednesday (29) that it joined the 11-nation Pacific Free Trade Agreement, officially known as CPTPP. The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement of Trans-Pacific Partnership is based on the “One China” policy principle.

“We oppose Taiwan's participation in trade agreements of any formal nature. or signing a formal trade agreement,” said spokesman Zhu Fenglian.

In the past, Beijing claimed that Taiwan is a territory of China. and refused to recognize the Taipei government of Taiwan. It also added to the isolation of President Tsai Ing-wen's Taipei government, which supported the proclamation of independence.

and on 23 Sept. Taiwan's submission of applications for the CPTPP free trade agreement comes a week after China submitted its application to the CPTPP free trade agreement.

After Britain's formal resignation from the European Union, Britain is also seeking a way to join the CPTPP.

The AP pointed out that Zhu's comments came after China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian earlier pointed out that "China strongly opposes any official agreement. between Taiwan and other nations including Taiwan's access to formal agreements or organizations.”

However, as Taipei had previously anticipated that Beijing would have to block its participation, it said Taiwan's status as a democratic and market economy deserves to be considered a good thing for Taiwan.

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